Are There Any Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

After days of searching and money lost to scams you may be asking yourself, “Do legitimate work from home opportunities really exist?” Thankfully the answer is yes.


The internet is filled with legitimate work from home opportunities. However, for each legitimate work from home job, there are at least five that are scams. The key is to be able to identify the frauds and in so doing, to find the legitimate job that suits you.

Beware of the words

When in need of work, the first thing that we naturally do is to troll through thousands of listings on big career websites. When wanting to work from home, the keyword that we usually type in is “work from home”. It is the most obvious thing to do, but also the most dangerous. The FBI recently labelled the keyword, “work from home” as one of the most perilous keywords on the net. This keyword opens the user up to a number of scams. Unfortunately people seeking work fall into the category of weak and desperate, and this classification of person is the prime target for internet fraudsters.

Risky keywords

There are thankfully ways in which to find legitimate work from home jobs on the internet. The first is to avoid the risky keywords when searching on major career and job search engines. These keywords are listed as, “work from home”, “work at home”, “work at home jobs”, “work from home jobs”, “work at home opportunity” or any other variation of the term. These are the keywords that the fraudsters regularly use on their fake job listings.

Test it out

You are encouraged to feel free to test the theory and type in one of these hazardous keywords to such a website. The likelihood is that a number of listings will pop up under the same title. They will also continue to pop up on the same career website month after month. Logically, a reputable employer offering a legitimate work from home job will not have hundreds of positions to constantly fill, but one or two that vary in description each month. The trustworthy one will also only post a position once as it is costly to submit job offers to websites of these kinds.

Right search

Keywords that is more likely to produce legitimate work from home jobs on career listing websites are, “virtual work”, “remote work”, “home office”, “telecommute”, “telecommuter”, “telecommuting”, “telework” and “flexible work”. These keywords will most certainly produce far less results than the “work from home” variety, but will be more likely to be legitimate work from home opportunities.

Specialized job sites

However, though career websites may be the logical starting point, the best way to find legitimate work from home is to use a website that is specialized in that area of employment. There are numerous websites that solely list work from home jobs by reputable employers. The jobs include listings in a variety of fields including writing, internet marketing, data entry, customer service, web design, programming, graphic design, clerical, typing, teaching, accounting, sales, translation and a whole host of others. The reputable work from home website will offer scam listings, research and ratings on the listed employersFeature Articles, free work from home jobs and free access to the website.